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The mission of Greenwood Community High School is continuously to improve the system of teaching and learning that results in increased achievement in all students.

To re-register your existing GWS student for the 2017-18 school year, please refer to these instructions.  Note:  Book rental payments for 2017-18 cannot be made at this time.  Also, if you would like to apply for Lunch/Textbook Assistance, you will not be able to do so until July 5th, 2017. 

Para volver a inscribir a su estudiante existente de GWS para el año escolar de 2017-18, por favor consulte estas instrucciones.  Note: Los pagos de alquiler de libros para el 2017-18 no se pueden realizar en este momento. Además, si desea solicitar asistencia para la comida o para los libros de texto, no podrá hacerlo hasta el 5 de julio de 2017.

2017-18 New Student Pre-Registration

2016-17 New Student Registration

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Graduation Online Broadcast
GHS will again broadcast graduation online this year.  The broadcast will begin at 6:55 pm on Friday, May 26th, here.  The camera will be a fixed camera focused on the speaker as well as the students walking across the stage to receive their diplomas.  While not the same experience as being in attendance, we hope this option provides family and friends unable to attend the ceremony a way to celebrate this special evening!
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Credit Rescue, 2nd Semester
Good afternoon.  Depending on your son’s or daughter’s final grades, which will be posted by 2:30 pm on Thursday, he or she may qualify for Credit Rescue.  Credit Rescue is a program allowing students who fall just short of passing a course (they earn between a 55% and 59%) another chance to come to school, do the necessary work to the expected level, and earn credit for the course.  The first session is Thursday from 5 pm -8 pm, followed by sessions on Friday and Tuesday from 8 am to 2 pm.  Seniors must complete their work on either Thursday or Friday to be eligible for graduation.  The full schedule and more details on the program are posted document here (16 KB) .  Students, who officially qualify for Credit Rescue, will receive an automated phone call on Thursday afternoon and can check PowerSchool to view core class grades that may fall between 55% and 59%.  Also, feel free to call the high school office at 889-4000.
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Honors' Day and Finals' Week
Due to Honors' Day, on Friday (5/19), the schedule will be different to accomodate the special recognition of our seniors and award winners.  Please see the attached schedule for more details.

Also, second semester final exams begin on Monday (5/22).  These exams represent a culmination to the semester and present students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and improve their overall grades.  Please continue to stress the importance of preparing for these exams to all students.  Also, please feel free to see the attached schedule as well as the final exam procedures.

Thanks and have a great finish to the school year!
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The Mission of Greenwood Community School Corporation is continuously to improve the system of teaching and learning that results in increased achievement in all students.

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