Isom School and Office Staff

Display #
Name Position Phone
Conover, Guiann Custodian 317-889-4075 x332
Emmenegger, Andrew District Technical Specialist 317-899-4030 x318
Gard, Dawn Cafeteria Manager 317-889-4075 x329
Grissom, Natalie Speech Pathologist 317-889-4075 x326
Harrison, Melissa Technology Integration Specialist 317-889-4164
Hughes, Patricia Office Assistant 317-889-4075 x300
Rios, Roberto District Technical Specialist 317-899-4030 x466
Santos, Yolanda Student Services Advisor 317-889-4075 x343
Westerhold, Cheryl Nurse 317-889-4075 x337
Wooton, Sondra Principal 317-889-4075 x340
Wright, Stacy Treasurer 317-889-4075 x336


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