High School Office and Support Staff

Display #
Name Position Phone
Allen, Markell Guard Instructor 317-889-4000 x3416
Banks, Elaina Special Education IA
Berry, Bob Asst. Bldg. Services Supervisor 317-889-4030 x328
Cinnamon, Kristina Study Hall Supervisor
Cruzan, Libby Corporation Head Nurse 317-889-4000 x3414
Cruze, Liz Athletic Trainer 317-889-4000 x3702
Eineman, Jennifer Instructional Assistant
Gennrich, Jeanne Special Education IA
Glaze, Lindsey Athletic Secretary 317-889-4000 x3701
Goodrich, Shelly Administrative Assistant 317-889-4000 x3405
Green, Glenna Special Education Aide
Guipe, Pete Credit Recover Supervisor 317-889-4000 x3425
Harrison, Melissa Technology Integration Specialist 317-889-4163
Justice, Veronica Special Education IA
Knartzer, Lisa Band Secretary 317-889-4000 x3407
Kuntz, Ethan Special Education Aide
Ponto, Alisa Cafeteria Manager 317-889-4000 x3600
Raney, Ron Building Services Supervisor 317-889-4000 x3601
Smith, Emma Special Education IA
Stapleton, Faith Study Hall Supervisor

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