Final Exams begin at GHS on Monday, December 20th, and will finish on Wednesday, December 22th.  The complete schedule is linked here.  Finals represent a great opportunity to demonstrate learning and improve grades.  Please encourage your child to prepare thoroughly and do his/her best!

There will be make-up days for students who miss finals.  The make-up dayes will be Tuesday (12/28), Wednesday (12/29), and Thursday (12/30) from 8 am to 12:30 pm (exterior doors will lock at 11:00 am).  Also, students could make-up finals on Tuesday (1/4) beginning at 7:30 am and finishing by 3:30 pm (exterior doors will lock at 2:00 pm).  Please complete the linked form to inform us when your child plans on coming in to take the make-up Final Exams.